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Troy is the name, New York is where I reside, I'm from Canada So yeah (insert joke). I'm all about the endless search of knowledge. Metal/Rock is my shit but i enjoy all types of music, Gaming, Mythology & Folklore,Reading that includes comics so fuck you, History, Horror, Anime. There is loads more to the madness+randomness that is me. Ask me anything or send anything you want me to see or post.
When someone you don’t have any attraction to says to you ” Let me see something” . Send them this


And watch their advances cease.  

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WTF ! I can’t fucking stop laughing at this shit.

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Olive Oatman

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Almost had a asthma attack laughing at this shit.

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Did anybody else catch that “Watch out now” move?

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The power of a woman should never be underestimated.

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Iggy Azalea and Tofu

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New Batmobile 

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Funny how people look for things that are not even there in this case a dildo. 

Debunked..  Surge protector  




The most expensive iPhone 6 plus is over $1000 with no contract


Who the fuck do they think they are?

There is no think, they know motherfuckers are just dumb enough to pay such money.

Only ones stupid enough to pay such a price are the same motherfuckers who are always broke or don’t have jobs but somehow manage to profligate through life.

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He probably ate a two piece and took impromptu nap.

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Cold cuts & Ass 

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