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Troy is the name, New York is where I reside, I'm from Canada So yeah (insert joke). I'm all about the endless search of knowledge. Metal/Rock is my shit but i enjoy all types of music, Gaming, Mythology & Folklore,Reading that includes comics so fuck you, History, Horror, Anime. There is loads more to the madness+randomness that is me. Ask me anything or send anything you want me to see or post.

That was then.. 

This is now - It aint nothing cut that nigga off

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She’s more beautiful in person 😩😩 raychillster

aww wwww thank you! it was nice meeting you, dear! :)

Holy shit she’s gorgeous

aww wow, thank you. i can’t believe people actually like this. i’m just leaning over a table at work.

The game wasn’t the only thing that got played that day.  She ate that up like southern barbecue.  

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When Snoop Dogg realizes that Iggy Azalea might be T.I’s side chick.

When a woman catches “The Feels”

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I feel like I go above and beyond for people and then I get upset when they don’t return the favor. But sometimes I feel like I do too much. Like more than a normal person would, which is why I never get the favor returned. Because that shit isn’t normal behavior. Like do y’all feel me? 

One can never really expect “ANY” favor to be returned, that’s setting yourself up for disappointment in the end. Hell some people are fundamentally disappointments lol. You just gotta sit back and let others fend for themselves.


reblogging a friends post and getting them notes


"Super Creepy Rob Lowe"

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Lord Jamar: Iggy Was Offended at Being Compared to BLACK Albino

More people should view this.

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On that very day he descended into darkness with a deep hatred for women.  

Next: Americas Most Wanted 

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Who the fuck searched for the dragon balls to summon Shenron to wish back Biggie Smalls?






The best

Wait he’s beating his meat..  Huh so this is for kids?

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trench warfare

The battle for Stalinvag

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Grabbers (Jon Wright, 2012).


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Anybody else caught that gay neo nazi clothing line commercial during American Horror story or was it just me?

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They are one and the same.